Browning Authorized Contractor Program

Regal Beloit Corporation, a service provider of high-efficiency energy and motors transmission items, announced it has released the Browning™ Authorized Contractor System . The program shall expand a system of Browning-qualified contractors and invite them to deepen their contact with, and increase leads within, the industrial HVAC segment.

Regal’s Browning Authorized Contractor Plan bridges the gaps among clients, contractors, and wholesalers giving wholesalers and customers usage of reliable, talented contractors that are trained upon Browning belts and systems highly. Contractors use Browning wholesalers for connecting to clients, expand business with present customers through new income opportunities, and assist customers to save money and energy by retrofitting existing techniques. The addition of the Browning Authorized Contractor System creates a performance and loyalty differentiation while constructing on a brand.

“Whenever a customer requires a contractor for a task, frequently the contractors they’re dealing with are usually overloaded with business and so are strapped for period,” said Melinda Doty, item manager, elements at Regal. “We have been attempting to bridge the gap between your product and the necessity for service by giving a complete treatment for the customer. It offers additional reassurance for customers to see the contractor locator on Regal’s website or via the Toolbox Specialist app to locate a contractor because of their project-a contractor that is vetted, interviewed, and skilled on our products. This gives the entire package for the ultimate end user and will be offering additional earning opportunities for the contractors.”

HVAC retrofitting is likely to grow 13% on the next seven yrs because of new governmental guidelines. Delivering retrofits not merely increases project-based power and savings efficiencies, but creates possibilities to go after a mutually-beneficial relationship between your wholesaler also, contractor, and consumer. The Browning Authorized Contractor Plan assists wholesalers and contractors access these new possibilities, qualify leads, and make additional revenue.

This planned program provides tools to aid the contractor. Browning-authorized contractors will be provided with distinguishing products such as patches, window clings, and vehicle magnets to point that they’re right area of the program. Additionally, the Browning Toolbox Specialist™ app delivers an essential toolset for several HVAC maintenance and contractors personnel. This consists of conversion and calculation equipment, a GPS-allowed distributor locator, plus informative reference, set up, and troubleshooting instructions for from bearings to V-belts. Built with the various tools, information, and items to get rid of call-backs and maximize client satisfaction, Browning-authorized contractors can create custom offerings in line with the job and offer documented cost benefits to customers.

Browning-certified contractors shall get access to free training to understand concerning the newest products, tools, technologies, and developments in the market and how they are able to impact the maintenance routine. Browning-authorized contractors will undoubtedly be protected within the scope of Regal’s advertising outreach and Regal’s huge system of wholesalers and customers.

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