Bothongo Hygiene Solutions UK launches new post-Covid Zuppclean range

Bothongo Hygiene Solutions United kingdom (formerly Healthguard Hygiene United kingdom) has launched a thorough new selection of cleaning products developed for the post-Covid period under their brand-new Zuppclean and Zuppclean Eco brand names.

Bothongo Hygiene Solutions premiered last yr at the start of the pandemic to spotlight the protection of individual wellness as a progeny of InnuScience Team Inc, a leading producer of biotechnology cleaning items. Located in the Northamptonshire countryside near Towcester, the combined team operates in Europe, North and africa America.

year later

Nearly one, and having sold £15 million of items in the united kingdom, Bothongo Hygiene Options has been spending so much time for the past half a year on a fresh complete selection of value cleaning items, positioned and formulated with regard to cleaning in the post-Covid world.

Bothongo Hygiene Options has released Zuppclean and Zuppclean Eco as a thorough selection of over 60 items, ideal for all built conditions, considering:

  1. In a post-Covid environment, you will have an emphasis on protection against pathogens, to reassure the customers of the premises that there surely is protection against infections.
  2. With therefore many companies having experienced financial hardship, Bothongo Hygiene Options provides ensured that their high quality products provide cleansing solutions at every price.
  3. Concern for the surroundings is at the center of the combined team even though InnuScience remains its primary environmental offering, over two thirds of the brand new Zuppclean variety complies to Zuppclean Eco requirements. For the whole range, we have been using post-consumer plastic (PCR) that is recycled and recyclable.
  4. Simple digital teaching via the Bothongo Hygiene Options app.

The extensive variety has been created to make sure a full range can be acquired for all built conditions, including hospitality having an extensive kitchen variety, housekeeping, education, workplaces, retail and leisure.

A few examples of the variety include the amazing Zuppclean Eco Multipurpose cleaner and cooker cleaner, a bactericidal washroom cleaner and a variety of dishwasher products to match every environment.

“The start of Zuppclean and Zuppclean Eco is fascinating for us really, as we today supply our valued distributors and their clients with a variety formulated for cleansing in a post-Covid planet,” clarifies Nick Winstone, CEO at Bothongo Hygiene Options. “As a united group we bring all of the lessons we’ve learnt going to a large number of customer sites, where we’ve refined training and understanding of what the final customers of our customers require.”


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