BOMA International Executive Committee Members

The Building Proprietors and Supervisors Association (BOMA) International elected six Executive Committee users during its Plank of Governors meeting kept virtually the other day.

BOMA International’s Executive Committee is in charge of developing the strategic path and plans for the association. Executive Committee people use BOMA International officers and executive employees to maximize the potency of BOMA International, while making sure resources are available to attain its targets. Executive Committee associates serve the very least term of 2 yrs.

The Table of Governors of BOMA International elected the next people to the Executive Committee:

  • Traci Devereaux, Senior Vice President of Management Solutions, Holt Lunsford, BOMA/Fort Worthy of
  • Gregory C. Grainger, BOMA Fellow, CCIM , CPM, RPA,  President, Younger Partners Property Providers, BOMA/Greater Dallas (2nd expression)
  • Kjersten Jaeb , RPA , Property Administration Implementation Head, Wells Fargo, BOMA/Greater Minneapolis
  • Manuel Moreno , President, PJMB Industrial, Inc., BOMA/Oakland-East Bay (Second term)
  • Geoffrey Wardle , BOMA Fellow , Companion, Clark Wardle LLP, BOMA/Idaho
  • Christine Alamed , C.Electronic ,   GBAC-TT , Corporate Accounts Director – CRE, System Distribution, BOMA/Baltimore (Associate Associate)

With an increase of than twenty years of commercial property knowledge, Traci Devereaux is really a senior vice president of administration providers for Holt Lunsford, where she qualified prospects a team in charge of a far more than 15 million-square-foot portfolio of commercial structures in the Dallas/Fort Well worth area. Devereaux may be the present vice president of the BOMA Southwest Area and the recent past president of Texas BOMA. She actually is a previous president of BOMA/Fort Worthy of, where she’s been a dynamic board member for ten years nearly. Her involvement at the neighborhood level also includes helping as chair of BOMA/Fort Worth’s Membership Committee so when an associate of the Social Committee. From 2018 through 2020, Devereaux offered as chair of BOMA International’s Government Affairs Committee and she actually is currently an active person in the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee.

Greg Grainger is usually president of Younger Partners Property Services, a genuine estate boutique firm supplying investment, leasing, and administration solutions to tenants and traders of office, industrial, and retail properties in the north Texas region. In his a lot more than 30 years of commercial property experience, Grainger has maintained a lot more than 50 million square feet. A dynamic BOMA associate at all known amounts, Grainger offered as president of BOMA/Greater Dallas in ’09 2009 and president of the BOMA Southwest Region in 2012. His passion for education known as him to lead the BOMA/Greater Dallas Education Committee and chair the Board of Trustees for BOMI International, where his efforts have got assisted facilitate the BOMA/BOMI joint education initiative and the launch of the Certified Manager of Commercial Properties (CMCP) certification through the Commercial PROPERTY Certification Institute (CRECI). In 2017, he was named a BOMA Fellow. That is his second term on BOMA International’s Executive Committee.jaeb

Kjersten, a strategic preparing manager with Wells Fargo, oversees multiple transformational programs for the company’s Corporate Properties Group. A dynamic person in BOMA/Greater Minneapolis, Jaeb serves on the BOMA local association’s Government Affairs Committee and is really a past chair of both Membership Committee and Mentorship Committee. Her involvement with BOMA also offers included helping as a TOBY Awards judge for the BOMA Midwest Northern Region in 2020 and for BOMA International in 2021. Jaeb has participated in a number of education sessions on emerging industry technologies through the BOMA International Conference & Expo in past years.

As president of PJMB Commercial, Inc., Manny Moreno oversees a 25-building portfolio greater than 560,000 square feet in the SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA Bay Area. Moreno offers been a dynamic member on the BOMA California Board of Directors for nearly a decade and is really a past president of the BOMA Pacific Southwest Region. He offered a two-year term as president of BOMA/Oakland-East Bay from 2014 through 2015 and he remains mixed up in local association’s Nominating Committee. In 2018, Moreno offered as vice chair of BOMA International’s BOMAPAC Council and participated in the Daniel W. Chancey Leadership Academy. At the BOMA International level, he’s got also been involved with a number of initiatives also, including the Standard Ways of Floor Measurement Committee, the working workplace Standard Revision Task Pressure, & most recently, the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee. That is his second term on BOMA International’s Executive Committee.

Geoffrey Wardle has already been practicing law for 30 years nearly, more than 20 which he has invested working in the true estate sector. As partner of Clark Wardle LLP, in Boise, Idaho, he oversees a practice that signifies clients on a variety of commercial property and development use problems. Wardle can be an active person in BOMA/Idaho, where he’s got offered as president, chair of the federal government Affairs Committee, so when a decades-long board member. He’s got also offered as vice president and president of the BOMA Pacific Northwest Region. He could be the existing chair of BOMA International’s Government Affairs Committee and an associate of the Defense Fund Oversight Committee. His involvement provides included taking part in the Daniel W also. Chancey Leadership Academy, signing up for the newest BOMA International Strategic Long-Term Planning Task Force and focusing on the development of several BOMA publications and resources. In 2018, he had been called a BOMA Fellow.

Christine Alamed is really a corporate account director for Network Distribution’s commercial property clients. Throughout her a lot more than twenty years of experience functioning within the, Alamed has partnered with manufacturers and distributors to create facility-enhancing answers to customers. An active person in BOMA/Baltimore, Alamed currently serves as an associate of the neighborhood association’s Community Service Committee and Programs Committee. Her contributions possess involved advising BOMA/Baltimore’s Associate/Allied Associate Committee on planning applications also. She has offered in leadership roles for BOMA International’s National Associate Member (NAM) Council for 3 years, as a co-chair & most recently as chair 1st, during which she’s supplied valuable insights on what NAMs can partner with property professionals to improve the commercial real estate business.

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