BMS/ICA Engineer – VAMED Middle East – Abu Dhabi

The Role

We are usually searching for a BMS / ICA Engineer who will be responsible for undertaking all functions as instructed, relative to facility perform and protocols PPM and assisting procedures in a secure and efficient manner, to keep a clean, secure and comfortable atmosphere for patients, staff and people to our Hospital’s primary business. A few of the tasks mixed up in position are: • Assistance Elec. Eng. manage activities regarding building control, monitoring, control and instrumentation systems. • Have a thorough and general understanding of installed BMS & EPMS. • Complete knowledge of the agreement and warranty circumstances of installed BMS like the delineation between bundle and responsibility during guarantee and post guarantee. • Cooperation with additional Eng. & MEP techniques interface and responsibilities specifically HVAC. • Coordinate BMS / EPMS / HVAC inter-related systems, performance and monitoring. • Align and lead Power Management, sustainable power cost and efficiencies cost savings • Assist and advise FM regarding OFCs and particular SPFCs. • Identify required components, components & systems to make sure OJT routines are planned, delivered and scheduled.


EXPERIENCE Needs • Extensive encounter in BMS techniques and comprehensive understanding of control and instrumentation electric / electronic Eng. EDUCATION Specifications • BSc. Electronics / Control Techniques & Instrumentation Engineering

Concerning the ongoing company

Ever, the VAMED team has understood wellness to become a global, holistic and sustainable asset. VAMED might make reference to an archive of international success in every healthcare areas – prevention, acute treatment, rehabilitation, and nursing. VAMED’s global portfolio comprises the complete value chain from task development via the look and structure of a healthcare service, to specialized commercial highly, infrastructure, and technical providers. The VAMED selection of services is both heavy and wide and, as well as VAMED’s value chain, types our USP which has made VAMED a respected healthcare service provider with a worldwide reach.

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