Bath room and Kitchen Re Modeling, Drainage Lines, Plumbing Repair, WC, CALL 055 2196 236


Bath Kitchen area and area Re Modeling, Drainage Lines, Plumbing Restoration, WC, CALL 055 2196 236

Ø Ceiling leakage issue
Ø Bath Tub Leakage Issue

Ø Drain Cleansing
Ø Sewer Range Inspection & Restoration
Ø Sewer Series Substitute
Ø New Sewer Line Set up
Ø Drinking water Heaters & Conditioners
Ø Tank-less Drinking water Heaters
Ø Laundry Tubs & Faucets
Ø Garbage Disposals
Ø External Hose Faucets
Ø Toilet Repairs & Alternative
Ø Sump Pump Installation & Restoration
Ø Properly Pump & Water Container Repair & Set up
Ø Plumbing Inspections & EXAMINATIONS
Ø Drinking water Meter & SHUT DOWN Valve Inspections
Ø Water High quality Tests
Ø Frozen & Burst Pipe Fixes
Ø New House/Business Construction Water Services & Sewer Outlines
Ø Gas Collection Installations (Stove, Oven, Variety, Water Heater, Home Heater, Grill, Etc…)
Ø Polybutylene Household Water Supply Range Piping Substitute
Ø Restroom & Cooking area Remodeling

Team Service can help with all of your plumbing functions including plumbing maintenance, drainage, brand new plumbing Installations, plumbing upkeep, pipelines, faulty warm water cylinders, overflowing toilets, fuel appliance Installations, drainage fixes, drain unblocking, heating products fitting.
, Stores, Villas, Apartments, Dining places, and Resorts etc

Waseem Muhammad Technical Providers LLC / MUHAMMAD SHAHEEN CARPENTERY
Mob: +971 50 209 7517, +971 55 1748789, P.O.Box:97565, WHATSAPP: 055 2196236

Working Locations:

* The Gadrens
* Discovery Backyard
* Jumairah Lake Towers (JLT)
* Jumairah Beach Home (JBR)
* Jumairah Village Triangle
* Jumairah Village Circle
* Marina
* Springs
* Al Furjan
* Studio Town
* Motor Town
* Arabian Ranches
* Barsha
* T Com
* Greens
* Al Qouz
* Palm Jumairah
* Um-e-Squim
* Jumairah
* Satwa
* Burj-al-Arab
* Down City
* South Ridge
* Burj Home
* Company Bay
* Jaflia
* Word Business Middle
* Sheikh Zaid Road and all the regions of Dubai

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