Axil awarded waste services contract at Covid testing sites

The national total waste materials management firm is dealing with a respected global Covid-19 tests company to greatly help in the fight against Coronavirus.

Cignpost Diagnostics Ltd, that is conducting Covid-19 tests at 30 sites over the UK nearly, has appointed Axil Integrated Services to aid its work by delivering waste services for testing sites.

The new contract has seen Axil manage waste services at Cignpost Diagnostics laboratory facilities in addition to its test sites across sectors including elite sport, defence, finance and media and for leading companies such as for example Netflix, Amazon, the BBC, the Scottish Premiership and the PGA European Tour. More locations are anticipated to be added soon.

ExpressTest, the buyer division of Cignpost Diagnostics, based at Heathrow airport may be the UK’s largest drive-through Covid-19 private testing site. The 24-lane drive-through is ready to check over 5,000 people each day and includes two onsite laboratories to make sure passengers get accurate test outcomes quickly to help raise the airline industry’s fortunes.

Axil Commercial Director, Jason Lang said: “We have been incredibly proud to utilize a number of the UK’s biggest brands also to win this contract with among the key players for Covid-19 testing in the fightback contrary to the virus.

“This can be a fast-moving contract, with Cignpost Diagnostics Ltd adding new test sites over the national country on a regular basis. We have been perfectly positioned to greatly help them with this particular because Axil is incredibly reactive and will quickly react to our clients’ ever-changing needs and demands.”