Avi-on Labs Achieves IoT Security Rating

Global protection science head UL has introduced that Avi-on Labs, Inc. may be the first industrial lighting business to be known for attaining UL’s IoT Security Ranking . This Platinum level IoT Protection Ranking, as evaluated by UL, demonstrates that the Avi-on Pro Industrial Lighting Control Platform products uses industry guidelines and meets essential benchmarks for Web of Items (IoT) cybersecurity.

Avi-on Labs, focusing on wireless lighting handles with capabilities for remote control configuration and administration from any smartphone or tablet, is the first industrial lighting company to attain the Platinum degree of UL’s IoT Safety Ranking.

Avi-on Labs focuses on wireless lighting controls, merging devices with enterprise-grade remote control configuration and management along with any smartphone or tablet. The patented Avi-on light control platform allows products to speak to other gadgets without intermediate gateways, in networks with huge volumes of devices actually. Avi-on provides options for warehouse, manufacturing, workplace, education, architectural, residential, scenery and outdoor utilizes.

UL’s IoT Security Ranking Platinum degree assessment helps demonstrate execution of extensive baseline protection features for the Avi-on Professional Commercial Lighting Control System product line, such as for example secure connections and improvements, access controls, transmitted and stored data security, cellular app security upkeep, known threats tests and malware protection, amongst others.

The IoT Protection Rating is really a security state verification and labeling option for IoT items that categorizes products in accordance with an ascending five-level level: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond and platinum. Verified products get a differentiated UL Verified Tag safety label – specifying the accomplished protection level – and so are evaluated on a continuing schedule by UL.

UL’s alternative helps manufacturers and programmers demonstrate the security homework of their items by leveraging proven guidelines and rating the safety posture of IoT items. This helps to boost the transparency of protection with clients and assist them to make mindful and informed purchasing choices. Our IoT Safety Rating also supports producers by assisting to demonstrate that their items meet up with the threshold of sensible security features as necessary in IoT safety regulations and suggested in IoT protection suggestions globally.

Avi-on Lab’s special UL Verified Mark program code could be accessed on the UL Verify website (illumination control system) and Avi-on will undoubtedly be using the UL Verified Indicate on their products, distribution and advertising channels to show their advanced of dedication to security to clients.

“At Avi-on Labs, we have been focused on helping our clients with user friendly and dependable lighting and IoT options for commercial environments. We’ve been incorporating extensive safety protections and concepts into our product advancement process from the beginning, and are pleased that multiyear investment could be regarded and demonstrated externally right now,” mentioned Eric Miller, CEO of Avi-on. “We’re extremely proud to possess been the first ever to attain the Platinum degree of UL’s IoT Protection Rating. UL’s third-celebration Verification is providing our customer’s reassurance against security threats currently.”

Along with achieving Platinum degree of the IoT Safety Rating, Avi-on in addition has attained UL’s Design Lighting Consortium (DLC) 5.0 Qualified Items Checklist (QPL) Cybersecurity Qualification . This can help manufacturers demonstrate conference the upcoming cybersecurity specifications for DLC also to be QPL detailed as lighting manage systems qualified to receive utility rebates.

“Within UL’s years of cybersecurity encounter and quickly growing IoT security exercise, we have been proud to identify Avi-on Labs for making the initial Platinum level IoT Protection Rating for a industrial lighting system,” said Isabelle Noblanc, worldwide vice president and common manager of UL’s Identity Security and Management division. “This Platinum level ranking accomplishment helps verify the protection homework Avi-on has built to their connected lighting items, assists demonstrate their cybersecurity position to industry and empowers clients to create purchase decisions in line with the security included in Avi-on connected lighting items.”

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