Aurora Offers Healthcare A Safe, Comfortable Flooring Solution

Ecore, a producer of safe, acoustic and ergonomic performance areas, has released its newest commercial surface area, Aurora . This next-generation, resilient rubberized sheet product includes a polyurethane-coated (PUR-coated), calendared-rubber wear level that’s fusion-bonded to an Ecore vulcanized composition rubberized (VCR) backing making use of patented itsTRU Technologies.

“This new Aurora surface helps support critical care environments with enhanced hygienic and ergonomic properties that keep patients and staff safe and comfortable,” said Bo Barber, executive vice president of marketing and sales, Ecore. “Furthermore, a palette of soothing colours supports a far more peaceful and calming recovery and learning environment.”

The finished dual-durometer rubberized product was created to provide comfort and ergonomics for folks on the go, as well as decrease the severity of injuries caused by trips and falls. Aurora enhances acoustics and convenience underfoot in the increasing wellness industry also, where scientific and therapy-based practices focus a lot more on prevention often.

Obtainable in a soothing selection of colors, Aurora plays a part in more relaxed and peaceful recovery and working environments. For more information concerning the Ecore Aurora flooring selection, visit .

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