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Al Bazzam Facilities Management Group

Al Bazzam Facilities Management is one of the facility management located in Abu Dhabi. It provides a wide range of hard and soft services, but mainly specialized in cleaning services such as duct cleaning and facilities cleaning.

The Al Bazaam was established in 18/09/1982 in Abu Dhabi with a license number (CN-1029714). The office is located in the tourist club, Abu Dhabi. The Al Bazaam FM commercial activities include building-cleaning services, buildings maintenance, central air conditioning system maintenance, electromechanical equipment installation & maintenance, exterior cleaning services (interfaces) for buildings, and facilities management services.

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Al Bazzam Facilities Management Altrantives

Recently, significant changes happened within the facilities management industry, where many FM firms exit the market due to high competition. The competition was favoirable to clients as FM firms was driven to boost the service standards, and at the same time, optimize the cost of the service.

Rafeeg FM was one of the emerging firms recently, drove its success in investing heavily in R & D & AI. Rafeeg is serving more than 90,000 local happy tenants, offering them hard & soft FM Services.

Visit Rafeeg FM website to learn more about it:

Rafeeg Facilities Management Contact info

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