Akuvox launches A05C Smart Access Control Reader featuring face recognition & multi-format contactless authentication

CIE, a respected distributor of audiovisual and protection brands, is very happy to announce the UK start of the A05C from Akuvox. The A05C may be the very first of Akuvox’s completely new group of smart IP gain access to control readers and includes a specific 5″ HD colour display screen that’s attractive and simple to use. The unit incorporates the most recent deep-understanding AI and dual-camera technology also, which allows for safe, touch-free verification via encounter recognition, Bluetooth, QR or rfid Code scanning, which are backed by the Akuvox SmartPlus smartphone app. With one of these features offered as regular, the A05C is among the innovative IP Access Control Visitors in the marketplace.

Moreover, the A05C Accessibility Reader is also obtainable with optional thermal recognition modules to check on anyone entering the developing for fever-like body temperature ranges.

“The Coronavirus pandemic has changed the world as we return to work -, school, university along with other public access conditions, there is a large numbers of high frequency ‘contact points’ involved with our daily lives which are likely to pass on germs and infections,” commented Chris Edwards, Advertising Director of CIE-Team. “With this thought, Akuvox have been concentrating on adding more items to the number that reduce these contact points during day-to-day routines by using a wide variety of contactless technology and functions.

“The A05C is really a prime example of item that Akuvox has created to meet the needs for the increasing architectural tendency for COVID-protected ‘contactless pathways’ at work.”

Akuvox is among the leading worldwide brand names for IP intercoms, entry control and telephony products. Established globally, in addition to in Europe their objective would be to improve people’s lifestyles with better communication, better security and much more convenience – during its item offering. The A05C delivers with this promise comprehensively. Featuring face recognition technologies built-into an Access Control Device, the A05C will immediately compare the visitor’s encounter with a data source of enrolled faces and perform automated complement notification to grant accessibility. The unit furthermore embraces QR code-based gain access to control for ‘one period’ access for external guests. Typically, residents/building supervisors can generate a QR program code from the Akuvox SmartApp for a website visitor to use on the mobile device that will allow access to the developing (or specific region) on a restricted use/fixed time schedule.

The A05C complete selection of authentication options for ultimate safety and flexibility are usually:
• Secure infrared Face Reputation
• QR Program code (eg. for one-time entry)
• NFC, Bluetooth and rfid contactless via Smartphone, ID cards or keyfob
• Body’s temperature detection (if paired upward with the Akuvox MD02 device)

The A05C Access Control Device is IP65 ranked so may be used for exterior gate systems and higher impact areas. This superior Access Device also facilitates ONVIF open up standard for efficient integration with other third party IP techniques and gadgets such as for example IP CCTV digital cameras and NVRs.

Akuvox A05C DEMO Video clip:


To learn more go to https://store.cie-team.com/shop/intercom_1053/access-control_1085/akuvox-access-control-unit-with-facial-recognition-rfid-qr-code-reader_31997.php


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