AkitaBox's New Data Collection App Streamlines Construction Turnover Process

We at AkitaBox are constantly seeking to improve not merely our software however the services that include it. Our data implementation and collection for several new customers is really a huge value add, as much customers lack accurate asset and space data because of their facilities and depend on outdated floor plans. Although our teams can move (typically 10 fast,000 sq. ft. each hour), we’ve been working on methods to eliminate a few of the rate bumps that people typically come across so we are able to collect data even more quickly. 

Introducing The AkitaBox Offline Data Collection App 

The better our internal data collection and implementation processes are, the earlier our customers can begin leveraging their AkitaBox software. Collecting data in areas with poor or no Wi-Fi is a time-consuming process for the implementation teams always. 

That is excatly why we created our new Offline Data Collection app. By using this app, our teams can verify and collect asset and space data at exactly the same speed, of good Wi-Fi access regardless. Less time on site for the data collection teams means less disruption to your customers and faster delivery of the AkitaBox solution. 

Improved Construction Turnover For Facilities and Operations Teams

This new app also enables customers to boost collaboration making use of their construction partners on turnover. As new renovations or builds happen, construction teams could be updating floor assets and plans, combined with the necessary documentation in real-time. This gives a seamless transition for operations and facilities teams in order to avoid things falling through the crack. 

Expanding on who is able to reap the benefits of using AkitaBox

While our AkitaBox software is revolutionizing how facilities and building portfolios are managed, the flexibleness of the program enables an array of use cases in lots of different industries. Our new Offline Data Collection app now helps it be easier for some of these industries to make best use of the AkitaBox software to greatly help streamline their operations. 

  • Service Contractors

    These contractors work in every forms of buildings, so having a visual platform to steer them in line with the bodily building space and asset locations is vital to being efficient. The Offline Data Collection app now can help you get new accurate floor plans for just about any space and building type, people that have limited or no Wi-Fi even.

  • Construction Companies

    Construction technology has come quite a distance in the last twenty years, however the turnover process to operations and facilities upon completion can be rather difficult. With the Offline Data Collection app, construction companies may use our tool from starting to end, collecting 360 photos, uploading important documents such as for example O&amp and warranties;M manuals, and turning over this data in a far more sophisticated and organized way. Teams can document the facility to drywall increasing prior, providing a view behind the walls during operations. 

  • Government & High-Security Facilities

    Some buildings and facilities have limited Wi-Fi access for excellent reasons. However, the operations and facility teams still need usage of accurate data to carry out their work efficiently. AkitaBox is now able to deliver our software and services through exactly the same process we’d any customer, without jeopardizing their privacy or security.. 

See how AkitaBox might help your organization

Interested in learning more about AkitaBox? Watch this video of the AkitaBox software in action or check out how our implementation process works. If you wish to discuss how AkitaBox might help you, among our friendly associates is preparing to chat at (608) 729-9191.