AkitaBox vs. Dude Solutions: Which is the right Facility Management Software for your schools?

Choosing the proper facility management software program for the schools is  tough. Like attempting to fold a installed sheet difficult. With so many choices out there, it could be difficult to determine what features you will need and who provides it. You then have to find out if it matches into your facilities budget.

Whether you’re searching for your first service management software or seeking to replace a mature system, we understand why is really a big decision. To help make the process a bit simpler, we got the liberty to evaluate two of the very most common facility administration softwares utilized by K-12 college districts: AkitaBox and Dude Options.

AkitaBox and Dude Options Similarities

Built for K-12 School Districts

Your goal would be to maintain healthy, safe, and comfortable learning environments for teachers and college students. AkitaBox and Dude Options understand the problems and targets of K-12 universities since both obtained their start helping this market. 

While new functions and offerings have already been added since their founding, helping K-12 service groups better manage and keep maintaining their facilities continues to be at the primary of both businesses.

Work Orders Built for College Maintenance 

Work order management is really a key element of any  Service or cmms management software program. Dude and akitabox Options both offer systems that may make it simpler to create, manage, and complete function orders across your structures. 

These techniques don’t just ensure it is easier to  monitor and complete function orders, but include reporting dashboards that enable you to gain insights in to the work your group does everyday easily. While Dude Options reporting requires some manipulation, AkitaBox’s reporting dashboard was created to be shared. Clients have shared tales of improved communication making use of their school panel using these reports, and in some situations obtained&nbsp even; additional headcount in line with the information they were in a position to share directly from AkitaBox.

Preventive Maintenance to greatly help Your Team Get Forward

No facility team really wants to be stuck in a reactive state maintenance. Whether you’re seeking to start your very first preventive maintenance plan or enhance the one you possess, both operational techniques offer robust PMs that may spend less and reduce corrective work orders as time passes. 

Maintenance administration is manufactured easier with the calendar view, which allows one to see workloads and better plan maintenance tasks easily. While AkitaBox’s calendar look at is included inside our bottom offering, Dude Solutions fees extra to include it. 

Mobile Access for the Team in the Industry

Completing function orders with a cellular device is a massive benefit to specialists and engineers who would like to complete their function in the field, without needing to recreate a paper function order to the operating office. 

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AkitaBox solutions can both assist you to make this happen with mobile-friendly systems. Engineers and technicians can easily see what function orders are assigned in their mind, scan asset QR codes to get information, and complete work orders perfect at the work site there.

How Dude and AkitaBox Solutions are Various

Service and Asset Mapping

The biggest difference between Dude and AkitaBox Options comes down to service and asset mapping. This feature is a thing that Dude will not offer for K-12 institutions. 

With AkitaBox, asset and facility mapping may be the foundation of the program. Find asset locations quickly, work order history, directions, O&M manuals, and much more on searchable, electronic floor plans. What exactly are some of the advantages this delivers?

  • Onboard brand-new hires faster
  • Better plan servicing work
  • Reduce time to full work orders
  • Maintain an improved asset inventory

All of this results in better facility teams, who is able to focus on even more strategic initiatives want preventive maintenance routines. Having this visual function also assists as facility associates retire or proceed to different jobs, helping safeguard institutional knowledge from strolling out there the hinged door.

AkitaBox customers utilize this function not for floor programs just, but additionally to track upkeep and assets work with roofs and grounds using search engines earth images.

Convenience of Use 

Everyone promises that their software program is “user friendly,” like everyone states to help make the best chili just. You can say, but tough to demonstrate. 

For software, consumer reviews certainly are a great method to comprehend how easy software program is to use. And when you compare customer reviews between AkitaBox and Dude Solutions, AkitaBox is rated higher for user encounter constantly, including a 4.6 rating in comparison to Dude’s 4.1 on Capterra (out of 5). Intuitive maintenance workflows and a straightforward, visual mapping tool ensure it is easy for technicians, supervisors, and directors to get what they need if they require.  

This simplicity can be an important consideration for facility teams who often save money of their day they wish to admit looking for information, searching for where assets are, or building reports to talk about with the board. Software program should assist alleviate these nagging issues, not add another correct period waster to the checklist.


Your schools are special. The challenges you encounter everyday will vary. So why when your software program be generic?

AkitaBox customers be capable of customize and mold the program to meet their requirements. Include any asset you should track. Create brand new data areas you about have to know. Build preventive servicing schedules that do the job. Customers are employing custom pin types and data fields to track from vehicles to wall clocks and everything in between

The Dude Options system is a lot more rigid, given that they control information and templates fields. This helps it be harder to utilize and manage if you have unique details you want to monitor (which let’s encounter it, most of us do).

Two-Method Communication

Communicating together with your teachers, staff members, and guests is a right component of your task that facility management software program often overlooks. Most FM software program, like Dude Solutions, offers requesters with generic position improvements and that’s about any of it. What if you will need clarification on a demand? Or if that demand becomes urgent, such as a leaky drain turning out to be a flood? That will require another call or email.With AkitaBox, it is possible to communicate backwards and forwards with a requester within the software. This eliminates additional phone calls, email messages, or texts which are difficult to monitor. It avoids the chance of missing important information also. Just as importantly, It enables you to be more transparent together with your staff and teachers, helping deliver an improved occupant experience.

Which Software is most beneficial FOR THE Schools?

Facility management software can be an investment. Producing a good choice means huge advantages and savings, as the wrong choice can set your facility team many years back. 

not sure who to select

Still? Download our AkitaBox vs Dude Options comparison guide to obtain a side-by-side evaluation of the various features offered with this regular K-12 offerings. 

If you are considering AkitaBox, check out the huge benefits AkitaBox Essentials provides. It is a facility management software program built designed for K-12 academic institutions at a realistic price. Through our self-execution module,  you may be utilizing the software within times of a contract indication.