AkitaBox announces our plans today to enter the $53 bn combined retail and security markets.

Utilizing mobile and vehicle-based LiDAR, advanced scanners, and 360 imagery, AkitaBox now has the capacity to scan and measure every item in a retail or home environment right down to the millimeter.

AkitaBox for Retail

In the retail environment, employees with handheld scanners shall roam the aisles for real-time data capture updates. The current presence of these scanning specialists allows them to use as store greeters and informational clerks also. 

AkitaBox for Home

For security, the complete measuring abilities allow parents to identify small shifts in the house environment even, like a baby that’s crawled to some other room, or liquor missing in the cabinet in a homely home with teenagers. Rescans of the surroundings hourly are done.

A Revolutionary Shift in Monitoring Technology

“Our teams are quickly ironing out bugs, such as for example small position shifts from earthquakes or from customers replacing items on shelves after browsing,” said CEO Matt Miszewski. “We fully expect this technology to lead just how in the capability to monitoring from items missing on store shelves to where in fact the car keys are.”

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