Aircaster AQT8 Transmodulators

Blonder Tongue Laboratories, Inc. , a U.S.-centered manufacturer and designer of telecommunications, fiber optic, video, and data delivery technologies, released the updated Aircaster AQT8 group of transmodulators -including the Aircaster AQT8-QAM/IP and Aircaster AQT8-IP – a thorough and versatile toolset to create custom made IP and QAM channel lineups from any ATSC 1.0 QAM or off-air content material supply.

The solution would work for facilities seeking to incorporate off-air video development without paying extra retransmission fees for regional cable or satellite providers.

“As yet, off-air to electronic rebroadcasting equipment have already been single make use of or only present one-to-one signal transformation. Creating brand-new channel lineups in addition to correcting channel metadata to end up being fully specifications compliant has needed a labyrinth of converters, splitters, amplifiers, and much more,” mentioned Ted Grauch, CEO and president of Blonder Tongue Laboratories. “The Aircaster AQT8 reimagines what off-atmosphere rebroadcasting equipment can perform within a compact unit, enabling custom made lineups of to 64 channels up, accessible to a large number of residential homes in the entire case of support operators, or a huge selection of rooms and Television models for hospitality, institutional, and SMB use cases. It generates and multiplexes a whole digital media services effortlessly, while eliminating unnecessary gear and fees.”

The Aircaster AQT8 transmodulators are ideal for any fiber optic or cable connection service operator or industrial home, including campuses, hospitals, resorts, and multi-dwelling devices (MDUs), and also video integrators with little- and medium-sized company (SMBs) clients. Requiring only 1 RU, these devices can accept around eight ATSC 1.0 off-air or QAM resources, and simultaneously output a number of either Single System Transport Streams (SPTS) and/or Multi-Plan Transport Stream (MPTS), generating both a custom made IP feed and/or QAM transmissions.

Offering an internal energetic splitter, the Aircaster AQT8 enables customers to produce a full lineup as high as 64 stations and distribute them to a large number of different places across a service, eliminating the necessity for countless electronic converters, exterior splitters, and legacy one-to-one options.

Aircaster AQT8 transmodulators function:

  • GO THROUGH Mode, which straight maps the demodulated RF interface content material in MPTS format to IP result
  • Encrypted QAM insight and IP/QAM output permits MPTS or SPTS formats while preserving the foundation MPEG tables (PAT, PMT, PSIP, VCT, and MGT)
  • Virtual channel mapping with a simple user interface, where users can transform the packet identifier (PID), program number short title, major/minimal channel (PSIP), and general channel lineup
  • Signal tests and GUI-based remote control monitoring and handle via any browser to boost quality while reducing vehicle rolls
  • Emergency Alert System (EAS) handle to override regular inputs and distribute an alert transmission to a whole MDU facility
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