Administrator – Expo 2020 – Dubai

The part of the Operations Assistance Services department would be to manage activities over the event shipping of Expo 2020.Functions Support Services (OSP) includes the next service areas: Facilities Administration Hard and Soft providers (FM), including Cleaning & Waste Administration; Logistics (LOG), including Business Assistance and Fleet Procedures (FOP).

The Administrator- Cleansing and Waste is in charge of supporting the Supervisor with oversight and functionality management of the PROVIDERS delivering services of their zone.

The primary responsibilities of the function include:

  • In charge of the administration of the Functions Support Services within their zone;
  • Integrate with other Useful Areas to arrange for the ongoing administration of the area during functions for the Operational Assistance Services;
  • Making certain all policies and processes are adhered to, specifically to include almost all accountabilities and responsibilities linked to the Expo 2020 Safe practices Policy and assurance specifications;

the day to day time zone operating plan

  • Provides input to;
  • Collaborate with other useful areas, such as for example Ceremonies, International Location and Participants Management about ensuring a seamless shipping of Operational Support Providers;
  • Ensure contractual compliance of PROVIDERS across that reaches monitoring Key Efficiency Indicator’s and resolving overall performance gaps.

1+ years of knowledge in an identical role working inside a highly complicated and dynamic environment, with specific experience linked to Soft or Hard Solutions facility operations, along with:

  • A Bachelor’s degree inside a relevant industry;
  • Knowing Hard and Soft Providers operational dependencies, effect on other features and non-operational directorates;
  • Experience in employed in a multi-cultural corporation, GCC area;
  • Experience in dealing with senior level Authorities multi-agency and companions stakeholders;
  • A knowledge of Soft Services Service Management, and Waste materials contractors in the UAE/ Dubai;
  • Skilled project supervisor, methodical thinker, with excellent guest support focus and excellent verbal and written communication skills.

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