Acuity’s new ‘Lobby Ambassador’ service creates front of house teams with SIA security training

Acuity, Axis Security’s front of home providers division, has launched a fresh Lobby Ambassador Service to supply businesses and attributes with front of home staff who blend the 5-star hospitality skills of Acuity’s reception groups with extensive security exercising and security licences.

The Acuity’s Lobby Ambassador provider has been made to support properties that want to get efficiencies in leading of house staffing because of Covid-19 but usually do not want to compromise in standards.

Acuity is developing a group of Lobby Ambassadors by giving its front-of-house specialists with comprehensive security coaching – to the typical of these Axis Security counterparts. They shall become licensed security operatives in a position to work shifts as high as 12 hours.

A specialist cover group of Lobby Ambassadors may also be recruited, with a similar degree of on-going and initial teaching as Acuity’s reception teams. They shall turn out to be SIA certified hospitality professionals, to cover up for absenteeism in order that service specifications for Acuity’s Lobby Ambassador clients are maintained all the time.

Neil Ames, Acuity Director, says the way in which in which guests are usually greeted and the efficiency with that they are processed are usually quite crucial: Whether companies are rationalising how big is their wider front side of house group, or just seeking a greater concentrate on customer support than is often supplied by traditional top of home security personnel, our Lobby Ambassadors will contain the training and expertise to provide world-class customer service. They’ll simultaneously maintain a entrance of house environment that’s safe also, protected and SIA compliant.”

Chiara Di Rienzo, Acuity Director, says that Lobby Ambassador will contain the exact same skills and commitment to excellent customer service as normal receptionists: “We shall offer the same degrees of management support, education, and profession development opportunities as additional people of the Acuity family,” she says.

“We usually do not, nevertheless, underestimate the importance of these security function therefore along with SIA Licensing training, they shall get access to the Axis Academy – the L&D arm of our mother or father company Axis Safety.”

Jonathan Levine, CEO of the Axis Team, says that continuous improvement and difficult the norm is paramount to giving clients what they actually need: “Our aim would be to provide services which are add up to the UK’s highest performing customer support organisations. Acuity’s Lobby Ambassador services is highly revolutionary and one that I really believe will meet the needs of organisations which are seeking ever-higher degrees of customer assistance, whilst simultaneously providing a chance to receive maximum affordability.”