Actizone wins first place innovation award at SEPAWA CONGRESS

SEPAWA® CONGRESS recognises the excellent development of Solvay’s Actizone™ F5, a 24-hr antimicrobial surface cleaning option

Solvay provides been awarded first invest the innovation award class by the SEPAWA® CONGRESS because of its outstanding innovative growth in the house and hygiene industry, Actizone™ F5, on October 14 announced through the virtual ceremony held, 2021.

This best award is substantial considering over 300 businesses showcase their latest items particularly, trends, and wide-ranging know-how as of this annual occasion that brings top detergent together, cosmetics, and fragrance specialists from across European countries.

“Creating a longer-enduring disinfectant cleaner that delivers reliable antimicrobial advantages is among the perhaps most obviously challenges facing formulators these days,” clarifies Kamel Ramdani, innovation and study director at Solvay. “To make sure disinfectant cleaning items continue steadily to kill microorganisms every day and night, formulators must make use of advanced elements and know-how within the development of the products.”

The advancement award recognises Actizone™ F5, a ready-to-use disinfectant alternative that is developed utilizing a Solvay proprietary long-long lasting polymer, a state-of-the-art cleaning program, and industry-regular antimicrobial actives.

A patented technology, Actizone™ F5 offers a unique mix of fast-kill attributes with 24-hr antimicrobial defence against bacteria and infections, like the coronavirus, and unmatched cleansing experience.

“The start of Actizone™ F5 arrives at the proper time when the planet is facing the problems and serious consequences from a worldwide pandemic,” states Oliver Hufer, general supervisor of Solvay Novecare’s incubator. “Long lasting antimicrobial and virus defense on hard areas will play a significant role later on to fight the transmitting of infections and for that reason protect individuals and save lifestyles.”

Actizone™ technologies traps antimicrobial actives to create a protective movie that offers a day surface protection because the actives remain continually available to eliminate bacteria and infections as required. Multipurpose disinfectant cleaners with Actizone™ technologies provide customers with long-lasting safety against bacteria and infections, adding to safer environments for several.

To learn more about Actizone™ F5, get in touch with our experts.


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