ABM launches programme to improve indoor air quality

Because the UK continues to navigate the Covid-19 pandemic, ABM has launched ‘EnhancedFacility’ a thorough programme of services made to help businesses improve indoor quality of air.

Providing solutions which consider variables such as for example square footage, occupancy levels, movement of occupants and existing heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC) units, EnhancedFacility only recommends technology and equipment which includes been vetted by ABM’s Expert Advisory Council.   

ABM established its Expert Advisory Council together with leading infectious disease experts and industrial hygienists at the height of the Covid-19 crisis. The council includes experts with backgrounds in industrial hygiene, air balancing and testing, building engineering and commissioning. The council advises and guides the development of ABM’s programmes regularly, while vetting emerging and services.

The EnhancedFacility programme compliments ABM’s EnhancedClean offer; a  three-step certified disinfection process. W orking together to get rid of potential risks of viral transmission on surfaces and in the new air, the two programmes give a holistic method of keeping buildings and occupants protected against threats such as for example Covid-19 variants along with other airborne pathogens such as for example influenza.

John McPherson, Managing Director, ABM commented:  “We have been focused on delivering  facility resilience for the clients sufficient reason for winter nearby, keeping climate circulating while maintaining the comfort of occupants is essential inside our ongoing fight with the Covid-19 virus.  

Incorporating air-quality protections such as for example ventilation, filtration, and disinfection supports the ongoing health, viability, and value of facilities on the longterm. This alongside an elevated concentrate on surface disinfection will set the brand new standard for future years, which we believe will evolve as science and technology improves continually.”  

Last-mile customer engagement isn’t out of reach

“Customer engagement” has turned into a buzzword in the facilities management sector. Typically, it’s discussed as something radical and transformative – which will make it sound expensive, intimidating and overwhelming.

While customer engagement could be transformative for providers, it isn’t out of reach. It’s the easy secret ingredient in your recipe for standing out surprisingly, streamlining operations and satisfying everyone involved.

Localz has produced a free of charge eBook explaining ways to make the final mile, day of service and the complete, awesome.


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