A Look At Sustainable Hand Drying

By William Gagnon
From the December 2021 Issue

I n facilities planning and administration, sustainable practices have grown to be standard practices. Functions and measures considered an advantage have become essential once, as technology evolves to greatly help companies operate in environmentally type ways optimally. In a day and age where you require to believe green at every switch, the one resulting in the restroom is a good place to begin, there you’ll discover one of the biggest greening opportunities of most.

When considering what makes a industrial restroom sustainable, low-flow toilets and LED lighting will come to mind, plus they should. But think about hand drying strategies? Lots of people are surprised to understand how significant that one decision could be just, and are as amazed that paper towels just, regardless of how “recycled,” aren’t as green since it gets almost.

Think about this: A peer-examined (ISO 14040 standards) Lifestyle Cycle Evaluation of the high-rate, energy-effective XLERATOR® Hand Dryer verified it decreases the carbon footprint of hand drying by 50-75% over conventional hand dryers and 100%-recycled paper towels. It’s the initial hand dryer to end up being BuildingGreen Approved® and assists facilities qualify for Eco-friendly Globes and probably the most LEED® v4 Credits of any hand dryer in the market. Further, XLERATOR gets the capacity to dry hands within 8 seconds¹-using 80% much less power than conventional hand dryers.

A paper towel itself technically expends zero power per use, just how does a power appliance win without doubt? The answer is based on that towel’s past-and its upcoming. From transportation and creation through maintenance and greatest disposal, paper towels on several energy-devouring procedures throughout their lifestyle cycle rely. Remember that “recycled” differs as “recyclable”; a utilized paper towel results in a landfill, like any little bit of trash. Think about the labor, paper and upkeep waste materials hand dryers eliminate.

Sustainability Substantiated

As typical problem for sustainability and wellness continues to rise, producers like Excel Dryer possess committed themselves to transparency within their processes and items. In 2017, Excel’s three signature hand dryer items had been evaluated, and their environmental promises substantiated, with the publication of the hand dryer industry’s first Environmental Item Declarations (EPDs).

EPD certification is really a standardized method of quantifying environmentally friendly impact of something by studying the recycleables and energy intake during its production, disposal and make use of.

To generate an EPD, there must 1st exist Product Category Guidelines (PCR) which create tests guidelines and reporting strategies through industry consensus, permitting specifiers and purchasers to compare products, apples-to-apples. The corresponding EPDs supply insight on environmentally friendly impact of items from cradle-to-grave. In 2016, UL Environment (a small business division of Underwriters’ Laboratories) released the hand dryer PCR, an initial for the and the initial global standard for just about any sector. Excel Dryer was questioned to chair the committee to generate the PCR, collaborating with UL along with other major hand dryer manufacturers, to attain the business consensus.

For customers and specifiers, the EPDs certainly are a disclosure device that helps purchasers much better realize a product’s sustainable characteristics and environmental repercussions to allow them to make more informed item selections. The publication of EPDs established new specifications of sustainability and transparency, ushering in a fresh era for the.

But as any facilities expert knows, there’s a lot more to environmental responsibility than getting green. Product options should reflect dedication to the security of human security and health. Produced by the instructions established by the Health Item Declaration Collaborative (HPDC), Wellness Product Declarations (HPDs) are usually “a standardized format for the transparent disclosure of creating product ingredients and related hazards.”

Sustainability matters as part of your, and its dependence on prioritization promises and then grow. Partner with trusted producers who are as seriously interested in innovative restroom options as you are-especially types guaranteed to never clog that low-flow toilet.


¹ Dry hard work use testing carried out by SGS International on regular XLERATOR/XLERATOReco Hand Dryers with 0.8” nozzle/regular NOTHING Hand Dryer to 0.25g or much less of residual moisture, beneath the UL Environment Global Item Category Guidelines (PCR) for Hand Dryers.

Gagnon serves because the vice president of advertising and product sales at Excel Dryer, Inc. , the maker of the initial, patented, high-speed, energy conserving, and EPD certified XLERATOR®, ThinAir® and xleratoreco® Hand Dryers. Gagnon and the group at Excel Dryer possess expressed dedication to environmental sustainability through item design long, development and manufacture, & most recently, through the creation of the hand dryer industry’s first Product Category Rules (PCR) and publication of the initial Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for the company’s three signature products. 

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