To Whom It could Concern ?

I’m thrilled to be trying to get the positioning of Bio Medical Specialist, which was advertised on the site. I really believe that my schooling, skill set, and encounter make me the right candidate because of this role.

Possessing a lot more than 8 yrs of experience of employed in diverse Bio Healthcare Technician positions with several companies and Hospitals, I’ve gained a thorough insight in this field. My crucial encounter and sincerity competencies consist of, but aren’t limited to, maintaining records and Machineries, managing phone calls from hospitals, danger assessments.

In my own current place with Govt. Medical University Medical center Kozhikode, where I function in the capability of Bio Medical Specialist, I am in charge of leading a united group of numbers, and following a wide variety of technical procedures. During my career, I’ve gained a expert’s knowledge of Technical computer and Products’s skills.

Proactive, innovative and influential highly, I’m seeking a difficult but rewarding position, which explains why I was attracted to this fascinating opportunity naturally.

Sincerely, Nabeel M.T

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