5 Types of Building Management Software (and Which One You Should Use)

If your company is researching building administration software solutions, it’s probably that you’ve run into several acronyms in your lookup: CMMS, CAFM, IWMS, EAM – and the list just gets longer! Maintaining these terms is a very important factor straight, but actually selecting the proper building management software alternative for your organization can be an entirely different problem.

Experiencing overwhelmed? Don’t be. We’re placing the record straight. Are usually five of the very most common facility administration software types here, what they do, and how you could be helped by them match your most significant operational goals.

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THE VARIOUS Forms of Facility Management Software program

1. Computerized Maintenance Management Program (CMMS)

CMMS can be used by maintenance technicians, managers, custodial workers, along with other facilities personnel to control repair and maintenance applications in their organizations. An organization could use a CMMS to triage services requests, track work orders, manage asset costs and info, plan preventive maintenance duties, arrange documentation , and much more.

CMMS Advantages

A CMMS is a good option for small companies that are looking to save lots of time, improve effectiveness, and lower costs to be able to improve the important thing. Use it if you are searching for a cheaper software program treatment for assist you to better manage buildings, areas, equipment, and assets. Nowadays are cloud-based almost all CMMS options in the marketplace, which means your answer won’t require manual improvements year-round.

Types of CMMS Software program: 
CMMS vs. Facility Management Software program

As its name implies, CMMS was created exclusively for facility servicing almost. Facility management software program is more holistic, enabling you to manage a lot more than your upkeep – including asset lifecycles simply, condition information, inspections, and compliance even.

Oftentimes, CMMS and a facility administration software are accustomed to get the finest of both worlds collectively.

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2) Facility Management Software program

Facility management software program presents all the capabilities of the CMMS (as stated above), but incorporates additional applications that benefit the complete organization also. Facilities departments may use this software to execute and manage:

Leadership teams reap the benefits of facility management software furthermore, because the information it collects can reveal the strengths and weaknesses of present operations:

Insider Insight

“In comparison to an average CMMS solution, facility administration software offers even more widespread value to a business and its customers. CMMS solutions generally concentrate on the maintenance aspect of the house, providing functions and functions that help handle day-to-day maintenance and service needs. 

Facility administration software program , like AkitaBox, extends far beyond amenities departments by not merely supporting maintenance requirements and improving operational performance, but also improving general compliance position , asset administration, capital money budgeting , and much more. Building infrastructure platforms donate to the achievement of a whole organization, from boiler area to boardroom.”

Sergio Steele, Product Marketing Supervisor at AkitaBox

Facility Administration Software Advantages

Operations groups report that the advantage of facility management software program is having the opportunity to manage maintenance-related actions, while gaining data-driven insight into operations also. The info collected reveals probably the most cost-efficient improvements which can be made ultimately, today and down the road both. A building infrastructure system will also consist of:

  • An inspection program , which may be especially useful to advertise the efficiency of examination rounds and proving compliance with OSHA, the Joint Commission, ACHC, along with other regulatory agencies.

  • A capital preparation application, which may be used to create aside replacement reserve money and prioritize asset renewals precisely, increasing net operating revenue (NOI). 

Overall, the info collected within an infrastructure system shall help your company safeguard operations, decrease deferred maintenance , meet up with regulatory compliance specifications , and create smarter high-level business choices backed by information.

Exemplory case of Facility Management Software program:


3) Computer-aided Facility Administration (CAFM) Software program

CAFM software program enables users to program, execute, and monitor routines in their structures as they relate with servicing . It can help you optimize space administration also, room reservations, asset administration, facilities services, along with other customer-centric providers. 

CAFM Advantages

CAFM software program is an excellent option for operations groups seeking to optimize the administration and usage of spaces within their structures, and get a more impressive picture of what’s taking place throughout their properties. A lot of today’s CAFM software program solutions can integrate service management and corporate property processes right into a single remedy. 

Another advantage of CAFM software program is the opportunity to integrate CAD drawings with space management and design planning. It may be a great fit for you personally if you’re seeking to improve long-expression planning of maintenance, room, services, and budgets to make sure optimal alignment with company needs.

Types of CAFM Software program:
CAFM vs. Facility Management Software program

With regards to computer-aided facility administration software and FM software program, they both assist manage and monitor upkeep tasks along with provide a comprehensive look at into your service or portfolio.

CAFM will concentrate on maintenance and area management and also other customer-facing services. On the other hand, FM software earns additional, broader the different parts of owning a facility like funds planning equipment and compliance options.

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4) Integrated Workplace Administration Program (IWMS)

IWMS is really a software system that helps a business optimize workplace assets. It could be used to control an organization’s property portfolio, infrastructure, and amenities assets. IWMS acts as an individual solution for scheduling servicing, tracking capital tasks, and decreasing energy make use of .

IWMS Advantages

All together, IWMS software can be used to increase the usefulness of an corporation’s assets and sources, all inside a single software system where information could be shared among stakeholders. You might benefit from using  IWMS software program if your organization requires a platform and data source repository to control any (or all) of the next areas:

Types of IWMS Software program:

IWMS vs. Facility Management Software program

The primary differences between your two options lie in the forms of data facility supervisors can collect and, most of all, what their core concentrate is. IWMS solutions work more like a data source repository, managing your place of work resources, while FM software program targets the built jobs and environment linked to your buildings themselves.

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