4 Ways to Reduce Building Maintenance and Operations Costs

Building owners generally view maintenance as a sunk cost. Facilities are underfunded often, which forces building operators to be resourceful, creative, and magicians to help keep buildings and assets operating downright. Over time, in today this insufficient funding creates the reactive declare that many facility teams end up. This reactive state breeds a complete host of costly problems for organizations, such as for example emergency maintenance, higher energy costs, and high turnover rates from staff.

Building operators have the energy to leverage maintenance to increase the value of these facilities . Utilize the four strategies below to optimize facilities management at your company and reduce maintenance costs.


1. ENHANCE YOUR Team Training

Reducing operations and maintenance costs starts together with your teams knowing how to proceed. Your teams need technical training to allow them to repair equipment and complete preventive maintenance tasks properly, but additionally training on the sort of culture that celebrates proper maintenance and collaboration . Doing regular workout sessions might not look like a high priority, however the more skilled your team is, the less time they need to spend waiting on help or instructions, and the less rework other associates shall should do. To obtain an basic notion of where to start, review your team’s key performance indicators (KPIs ) to see areas that require improvement. Your facility management software’s reporting dashboard may also provide helpful insights into what training your team might need. 

2. Track Asset Work Order History

History could be boring, ask any high schooler just. But it is key to making cost-effective facilities decisions. Knowing when and what work has been done on different assets can offer insights into whether an asset ought to be replaced , identify changes to preventive maintenance schedules, or indicate when to create within an outside consultant. Without this tracking, you must depend on your memory or read through mountains of paper work orders that may result in decisions that cost your company money. With accessible documentation easily,  you see things, like how your team replaced exactly the same motor in your HVAC system 3 x on the span of a few months since it kept catching fire (yes this happened!)

3. Automate Preventive Maintenance Schedules

Most facilities teams believe that their teams are “firefighters” and stuck in a reactive maintenance cycle. This reactive cycle can become quicksand for most teams, where regardless of how hard you fight, you retain behind falling further and additional. Area of the nagging problem is that whenever things get hectic, preventive maintenance tasks are nearly always the ones to obtain pushed. It seems sensible right? There is not an angry occupant on another end or perhaps a boss who’s hearing it from executive leadership to obtain that broken equipment fixed. Yet this causes that reactive cycle to keep to spiral as these preventive tasks result in future breakdowns that find yourself costing way more to repair in the foreseeable future. Automating your preventive maintenance schedules in a facility management software might help these tasks from falling through the cracks and keep them top of mind for the team. Preventive maintenance is really a proven solution to reduce maintenance costs and extend the useful life of one’s assets.