4 Square Footage Definitions You Need to Know and How to Use Them

Square footage isn’t only a number. It’s you be pointed by way of a reference make use of for capital planning, grant creating, workforce assignments and much more. Because this type of large part of your operations be determined by square footage dimensions, it’s essential you know the various methods to define it and how these definitions affect your choices. Do not forget to download the sq . footage infographic that you could share with your group

4 Square Footage Definitions and What They Mean


Gross Square Feet may be the total section of enclosed room measured to the surface walls of a developing. That is an umbrella expression which includes everything in a service, even unusable areas (think areas among walls). It’s the full total space a facility occupies of set up space can be used regardless. GSF is an essential metric for preparing and budgeting in structure along with benchmarking for operations and upkeep .


Net Square Feet may be the area of usable area that’s designed for furnishings, products, and personnel. NSF is GSF minus unusable room essentially.  Areas contained in NSF are usually measured from the within finished surface of these surrounding walls, excluding any certain region bounded by structural columns, shafts, or outside finished surfaces. NSF is most useful for allocating section and program area often. While it demands more effort to calculate in comparison to GSF, it paints a far more accurate picture of what space can be acquired to your company.