3 Trends In The Electrical Industry Impacting Commercial Facilities

a year filled with unprecedented circumstances

After, the trends in the electrical industry have changed undoubtedly. Year 2020 brought massive changes to the commercial buildings landscape the, rendering it more important than ever before for facility management teams and their electrical contractors to remain current with the most recent and seemingly ever-changing trends impacting buildings.

From ensuring buildings are set for future years, to implementing smart, flexible devices, these trends reflect an elevated desire of individuals for safe spaces offering power, security, and convenience. Here are three trends to take into account incorporating to make sure a safe go back to the workplace. These have already been supplied by Legrand, global specialist in digital and electrical building infrastructures.

Commercial Renovations

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Before 2020, facility upgrades qualified for tax deductions but to reap the entire benefits, facility managers would need to claim a 2.5% write-off annually for 39 years. With the passage of the 2020 CARES Act, facility managers can write off 100% of qualifying facility improvement costs in the initial year. Because of this new rule, there’s apt to be an enormous boom in commercial renovations, so facility managers should reach with their tax advisors to check on if their projects qualify out. Several improvements that be eligible for the tax deduction will be the installing airflow management accessories, HVAC devices, and physical security and access control solutions.

Flexible Power

With more people time for offices and schools after working at home for a lot of 2020, it’s crucial for the workplace to check out standard safe practices protocols such as for example social distancing and providing adequate sanitation measures. While workstations ought to be stationed at the very least six feet apart, it’s rather a challenge to supply seamless power solutions through the entire working office. Professionals at Legrand recommend implementing flexible power solutions just like the company’s Wiremold ModPower system (seen above), the initial code-compliant modular power system which allows for six-feet of separation and will connect around six separate units to create power where it’s needed.

Industrial Productivity

Photo: Legrand

Efficiency is key at the job, home, and school, and exactly the same applies to commercial and industrial spaces. Installing the correct electrical infrastructure system might have a huge effect on the productivity and efficiency of a workplace. In addition, the advantages of a well-designed electrical infrastructure include lower initial and maintenance costs, and also a boost to worker and facility safety. Open cable management systems like ladder trays and wire mesh cable management systems are two options to take into account when making a factory floor or other commercial space. They are an easy task to install and add flexibility and greater functionality having an open system which allows for better usage of electrical infrastructure.

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