3.6 million workers feel they are being rushed back to the office

With an increase of than 13.day a week 5 million workers getting returned to their location of work for at minimum one, a lot more than four million say they do not feel secure doing so entirely, in accordance with new research by Direct Line LIFE INSURANCE COVERAGE.

The study also discovered that some 5.5 million workers would work from home if given the option and 3 completely. 6 million feel as if they’re being rushed in by their employer back.

Five million who’ve worked from home through the pandemic (26 %) say they have not really been looking towards returning to are they benefit from the work/life balance they currently have, in comparison to 3.3 million (17 %) who say they’re looking forward to time for the office.

As businesses ease back to their office space, the research implies that the common workplace that closed through the pandemic will be opening for 2. per week 2 days. Yet almost two thirds (61 %) that are working flexibly believe this set up is temporary. 25 % (24 %) of flexible employees believe their business will go back to a five-day workplace week by the finish of the year and an additional 37 % believe it will come back in 2022.

Nevertheless, when divided by seniority the info suggests a go back to traditional, five-day working styles earlier than later rather, with 40 % of senior managers who’ve been functioning flexibly expecting their company to be working a five-day office week prior to the end of the entire year. This differs from center managers, where 49 % do not be prepared to be in any office for five times until 2022 back.

If provided the choice, 25 % of employees who’ve worked from your home (4.7 million) mentioned they might prefer to achieve this full-time, while 11 % would return to any office full-period (2.1 million). More than a fifth (22 %) prefer two days at work weekly and 19 % prefer only 1.

Preference on amount of days at work among home employees

Amount of days

Senior supervisors

Middle supervisors

Junior Workers


Not one

24 %

23 %

22 %

25 %


23 %

21 %

20 %

19 %


27 %

24 %

21 %

22 %


7 %

13 %

16 %

13 %


12 %

5 %

8 %

6 %

Five or even more

7 %

13 %

10 %

11 %

Don’t understand

1 %

1 %

4 %

4 %

Source: Immediate Line LIFE INSURANCE COVERAGE 2021

Employees considered the potential psychological and physical health influence of getting out of our home more as the utmost important benefit of time for the office. Almost three quarters (73 %) of employees considered this good results of returning to any office. The social factors (69 %) and the potential optimistic economic impact of living time for normal (69 %) have emerged as other key advantages. Nevertheless, over two thirds (67 %) admit they’re worried about the potential bad health impacts of individuals going out without the social distancing measures set up.

Vincent Guadagnino, Communications Manager at Immediate Line LIFE INSURANCE COVERAGE, commented: “We’ve seen the pandemic result in a large amount of uncertainty and disruption for everybody in many various ways, and office workers are usually faced with a difference if returning to any office now. With many used to a fresh normal now, employers should be careful that everyone could have different sights and feelings concerning the return to office lifetime – whatever that appears like for you personally.”

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